SEAC【着崩れしない長襦袢】東レシルック 長襦袢 駒絽 夏物 女性用 洗える長襦袢 夏小紋 夏訪問着 夏色無地 夏留袖 夏喪服 フォーマル 創世舎 紙人形 立体裁断仕立て 仕立て上がり プレタ 衣紋抜き付き:

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is made up of representatives from various special needs group within each school board. Each group has principle member and alternate. There are representatives on both the public and separate board. The SEAC meets once a month with superintendent of special education to discuss concerns regarding education.

SEAC is governed through legislation the Education Act. It is recognized by the boards as a powerful group of concerned members who are acting in the best interests of students with special needs.

PAAC on SEAC Calendar

Handbook for Members of SEACs

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