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How May My Child be Referred to an IPRC?

A school principal may, upon written notification to you, refer your child to an IPRC.
You may ask that your child be presented to an IPRC by informing the school principal in writing of your request.

Who Comes to an IPRC Meeting?

The IPRC must have a minimum of three membersダイニングセット(ロレイン5H135LBR/マライア3/ロレイン3) ニトリ 【送料無料・配送員設置】 【5年保証】. One must be a supervisory officer of the school board (i通信教育「第二種電気工事士合格講座(技能試験DVD+試験セット付)」.eアードベッグ スーパーノヴァ 2014 55度 700ml (箱なし)【18時まで即日発送☆】【あす楽_土曜営業】【あす楽_日曜営業】. superintendent) or designate (ihttp://www.syn-scape.com.e【あす楽対応可】選べる人気の高級レストランペアチケット人気景品6点セットB(景品 二次会 コンペ 新年会 忘年会 結婚式二次会 ゴルフ イベント 参加賞 抽選会 ビンゴ 賞品). principal)インド?ヒマラヤ水晶?マニカラン『 In Dream 』【ゴールドルチル?クローライト?レコードキーパー?レインボー?ヘマタイト?セルフヒールド】(om). Often the other two are filled by people in administrative or specialist positions such as a special education teacher, psychologist, speech pathologist, etc., and usually the child’s classroom teacher.

Tips on How to Prepare for Your IPRC Meeting


Bring a picture of your child to the IPRC meeting. Some of the specialists at the meeting may never have seen your child. They may only view him or her as a number and name on a piece of paper.
Be prepared.
Meet with the teacher and/or principal prior to the IPRC meeting to ask for their recommendations.
Visit the proposed placement.
Eliminate surprises.

Pass around an attendance sheet at the meeting and ask everyone to sign it. This provides you with a record of who was involved in the meeting.

Invite any resource person who you feel will offer relevant information. This could be a special therapist, physiotherapist, etc. The principal must be notified that the resource person is attending.

Take someone with you (extra pair of eyes and ears). The school board is still a patriarchal institution. For this reason, it is recommended that a male be present for all meetings. This could be the child’s father, grandfather, uncle, or friend. Parents may also invite an advocate to the meeting.

Take an interpreter if one is required.
Take notes during the meeting. You or your support person can do this.
Write your questions down.
Ask to speak last.
Interrupt when necessary.
Ask for clarification of any acronyms, abbreviations, or jargon.
Be specific.
State clearly how the placement you want will benefit your child.
Refer to your child’s needs in a positive way.
Make copies of your request to hand out at the meeting.
Use a binder to compile all the documents relating to your child’s education.
Discuss the issue with your family and spouse before making decisions.
Make certain both parents agree before you enter the meeting.
Be assertive in the meeting, not aggressive.

You are not the first parent to have concerns about an IPRC meeting. Reach out to other parents, groups, and the school for information that will help you prepare yourself.


Don’t be defensive.
Don’t get emotional.
Don’t go alone.
Don’t sign any forms during the meeting.
Don’t discuss your child’s weaknesses.
Don’t agree to any assessments. You might consider going outside the board.
Don’t be intimidated.
Don’t panic.
Don’t let your child carry the sole responsibility for attaining success.
Don’t have a disagreement with your spouse during the meeting.