Defining Education

Defining Child Education薄型間仕切りカウンター 幅99cm:

Defining What You Want for Your Child’s Education

Starting Point
Describe your son/daughterファインレボマットレスR3 ノーマル シングル マットレス ファインレボ F8851M アスリープ アイシン精機: What is he or she like? What are his? or her interests【ポイント10倍】ペンダントライト/照明器具 【3灯】 羽毛×和紙 北欧 ELUX(エルックス) VITA Eos XL ライトブラウン(ブラックコード) 【電球別売】【代引不可】, and talents?
Describe yours on/daughter’s community involvementsNikon ワイヤレストランスミッター WT-6 [02P05Nov16]【コンビニ受取対応商品】:
What activities is he/she involved in outside of school for instanceBOND TV BOARD(ボンドテレビボード) journal standard Furniture(ジャーナルスタンダードファニチャー): club【送料無料!】ホノミ漢方薬 ホノビエン錠deux 300錠×10個【剤盛堂薬品】【第2類医薬品】【4987474165311】【メール便・ネコポス不可】,swimming【一点物特選ブレスレット】ヴィクトリータイチンルチルクォーツ(V字ルチルクォーツ)AAAAバングル 18mm幅 パワーストーンブレスレット, and activities with the family on weekends?
What strategies work well at home or elsewhere that assists your  child to learn and Participate?

   Learning Opportunities

In general, what do you want your child to learn at school? What are your main goals for your child’s development?

What are your specific goals for your child’s education for the present school year? What subjects or skills do you want your child to learn?

What does your child want to be learning at school?
Your child will learn by being around other children at school. What do you want your child to learn from other children?
What do you see as the good reasons for your child to be educated in regular classrooms with other children?
What benefits will your child get from a regular classroom that would be missed in other educational settings?

Special Opportunities

What kind of social opportunities do you want your child to have at school?
What can the school do to help your child to have friends who go to the same school and live in your neighborhood?

In what kind of activities would your child like to be involved? Consider activities offered by the school (for example(業務用100セット) 熱田資材 革手袋床革手袋 背縫い NO.11 グレー【10P22Jul14】【10P21Aug17】: clubsイトーキ 学習机 ユニットデスク ユニアス ラテナチュラル/アンバーブラウン 【6個口】 UT-9L-L77UA【送料込/送料無料】【ポイント10倍】, drama塩らっきょう国産 塩らっきょう漬けのラッキョウ 12kg入(1斗缶入り)[業務用] 塩漬けらっきょう シャリと食感が美味しい らっきょう 福井産三里浜らっきょで花ラッキョ らっきょう 福井県産 日本産, sports) as well as outside of school activities that other children are involved with (for example: Scouts/Guides, swimming, and church groups).


Support Needs

Your child may need some help or support to get around the school, or the school may need to be adapted. Think about  places such as the classroom, washroom, hallway, cafeteria, the playground, and the school bus. Consider the  following:

Does your child need help to walk or get around? If so, what is required in terms of support, equipment or  adaptations?
Does your child need help to talk or communicate in other ways? If so, what help will be needed at school?
Does your child have any medical needs that must be considered while he or she is attending school?
Will your child need other kinds of help in order to do what the other children at school do? If so, what?
 Is there any help your child needs that other children in the class or school could provide?

Your Relationship with Your Child’s School

How do you want to communicate with your child’s school? For instance, with whom do you want to meet? How often? For what purpose? How else do you want to communicate with the school?

How do you want to make sure you have a role in determining where your child is taught, what he/she learns, and  how he/she  is  supported to be at school?

For Those Planning for High School and Beyond

What type of work would your son/daughter like to do?
Does your son/daughter have interests or experiences, which could lead to a job. If so, what are they?

Would you like your son/daughter to be involved in a community work placement during High School? If so, what  kinds of work placements would you and your son/daughter prefer?

What would you like your son/daughter to learn in a community work placement?
How much time do you want your son/daughter to spend outside of school in a community work placement?
Does your son/daughter want to continue with school or some kind of additional training after graduation?  If so, what kind?